El mercado de NFT Blur lanza un token nativo para la propiedad comunitaria

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After months of anticipation, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Blur launched its native token on Tuesday.
The token will allow traders to participate in the platform's governance protocol, as well as benefit from market success through community ownership.
Blur said in a tweet that merchants have 60 days to claim their BLUR tokens, which are trading for about 50 cents at press time, according to CoinGecko.
"Since launch [four] months ago, 146,823 users have traded $1.2Bn [sic] worth of NFTs on Blur (excluding laundering)," Blur said in a tweet. "This growth is impressive and was only possible with the support of the Blur community."
According to data from DappRadar, Blur's 24-hour trading volume is about $9.5 million, second only to leading marketplace OpenSea, whose trading volume is around $12 million.
NFT traders have been waiting for the BLUR token launch ever since the platform went live. Initially scheduled for January, Blur has been distributing its token since October via "care packages" to collectors who have traded an Ethereum-based NFT in the last six months. On Tuesday, Blur delayed the launch of its token by 90 minutes, warning collectors to be on the lookout for potential phishing attempts and fraudulent links.
Blur was launched in October with the strategy of catering to professional NFT traders with a commission-free market. In its first 24 hours, it recorded a trading volume of $2.5 million, surpassing OpenSea. While the optional rights market has added fuel to the ongoing debate between creators and marketplaces, it has continued to lag behind OpenSea's trading volume figures.
Launched in October, Blur's strategy is to serve the needs of professional NFT traders in the commission-free market, which has led many NFT games to partner with them, such as CryptoKittes, Fairy Cat game and other games. In the first 24 hours, your trading volume...