4 Reasons why Fairy Cat could double your money in 2023

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Blockchain and video gaming appear to have established the perfect symbiotic relationship over the last year or two, with major projects like Axie Infinity, Cryptokitties, Decentraland and Fairy Cat, leveraging NFTs to offer rewards that simply wouldn’t be possible with traditional games.

Fairy Cat is a blockchain-based game in which players adopt magical cats called Fairy Cats - that they can either breed from or collect treasure. So far, the game’s cutesy graphics and opportunities to earn rewards have been a big hit with gamers.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at four reasons why you too may wish to consider investing in Fairy Cat as it could double your money in 2023.

1. The Gaming Market Is Huge
The main reason why Fairy Cat could double your money this year is because of the gaming market.
We can’t say for sure that play-to-earn titles are the future of gaming, but it certainly appears as though they are here to stay and given the plethora of in-game transactions that already existed before the emergence of NFTs in the gaming world, there’s every chance that the industry will continue to embrace a technology that can seamlessly integrate with just about any digital transaction. And it’s a big industry at that.
In fact, the emergence of 5G technology is likely to propel gaming to new highs - and projects like Fairy Cat are perfectly placed to take advantage. For any investors who are still sceptical of the gaming industry, one only needs to look at the success of Angry Birds or Fortnite to gauge just how significant these brands can become.
And where does Fairy Cat fit into all this? Given the game’s simplicity, charm and appeal to gamers of all ages, there is every chance it will become a major title over the coming years.

2. The Ability To Gain USDT
Gaining USDT is another major reason to consider getting into this game, as Fairy Cat could double your invested capital drastically.
We’ve already touched upon the concept of play-to-earn, which means that players on Fairy Cat can actually earn cryptocurrency as they progress through the game.
Fairy Cat represents a new business model based on blockchain, where game creators share their revenue with players. Every dollar that players earn can go straight to the developers' pockets. However, instead of charging access, selling ads, or forcing users to buy in-apps and keep all the profits for themselves, the developers of Fairy Cat decided to share the profits with players, hoping that The game will be widely used.

3. Cat Market
An interesting feature of Fairy Cat that singles it out from other play-to-earn games to some extent is that it has its own decentralised exchange - Cat Market
Cat Market is an automated market maker. The idea is to provide an easy way for those playing their game to exchange their tokens in-house, without having to go through a centralised exchange.

4. The NFT Craze
Another reason why Fairy Cat could double your money any time during 2023 is because of the NFTs trend.
Non-Fungible Tokens were one of the most talked-about aspects of the cryptocurrency market over the years, whilst it’s possible that the current trend is largely driven by FOMO, there’s no denying that NFTs have become big business - with some $165 million thought to have been spent on them in total.
Given the amount of coverage that NFTs are getting, it is likely that they will continue to reach mainstream audiences, which in turn could swell Fairy Cat's user base, seeing as it is one of the most approachable games out there.

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